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Faith Formation
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Colaborate: Lutheran Confirmation Overview

View this 45-minute webinar about fearless faith formation! Webinar participants will be given a brief overview of the learning philosophies of Colaborate: Lutheran Confirmation and walk through a lesson on the Psalms. Recorded Dec. 2016

Echo the Story Overview

View this 30-minutes webinar to learn more about Echo the Story. Guide your teens toward a more vibrant understanding of the biblical narrative through Bible storytelling, creative reflection, and dialog. Recorded February 2017.

Churches and Copyright

View this 45-minute light-hearted approach to the sometimes complicated world of copyright law. This webinar will explore what copyright is, and how it impacts churches. Recorded Feb. 2017.

re:form Overview

View this 45-minute webinar to learn how the re:form curriculum gives youth the tools for critical thinking, faithful reflection, and discovery. Recorded December 2016.

Gutenberg to Google

On-demand recording from July 12, 2016. Beth Lewis will explore how the use of media to proclaim the Gospel is the same and has changed from the time of Martin Luther to the beginning of the 21st century.

animate: Practices Overview

View this 45-minute webinar about animate: Practices, a seven-session small group introduction for adults and youth into the central practices of the Christian faith. Recorded January 2017.